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Hello, I'm Belle. I'm a choir geek. I love Charlie Chaplin, The Decemberists, kebab, and cheap beer.
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  • bad haircuts 💇 #tbt

  • Levi’s Commuter x VSCO #taipei

  • Laura Marling & Eddie Berman
    Like A Rolling Stone
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    Laura Marling & Eddie Berman - Like A Rolling Stone (x)


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    Books discussed (good and bad) in Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist

    -Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity by Judith Butler
    -Green Girl by Kate Zambreno
    -Sweet Valley High series and Sweet Valley High Confidential by Francine Pascal


    -The Laugh of Medusa by Helen Cixous
    -Play it as…

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    Kaomoji-Kun Speakers are here!

    Have a passion for music and kaomoji? Well these are the speakers for you! The base is ceramic, with a built in speaker and foam base to comfortably and safely hold your phone! Kaomoji-Kun speakers feature a simple yet elegant design with a pop culture twist! There are three designs in total: kitaaa, shobon, and shakiin. Otakumode has done a wonderful write up on the meanings behind such cute kaomoji:

    (゚∀゚) = kitaaa
    Used when someone arrives or something comes to happen and expresses excitement or happiness.

    (´・ω・`) = shobon
    Used when discouraged, shy, sad, or hesitant.

    (`・ω・´) = shakiin
    Opposite of shobon. Used to show a clear mind and determination.

    You can purchase your Kaomoji-Kun Speakers here!



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  • Come see my bunface this friday! Future Classics at Ayala Museum, September 12. (cropped cos my face looked ridic 🙈)

  • Christopher Abbott in Free People’s February Catalog

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